'WOW' Days



Colour runs are an extremely popular addition to our offer.  The event can be completely tailored to suit your schools needs and can be delivered class by class or as a whole school activity. 

Children will, in turn, run around a marked course where they will get colourful! Get Ahead staff, with the help of some adult school volunteers, will create clouds of coloured powder as the children make their way around the course. 

This event can also be an opportunity for the school to invite family members to join in for an after school fun run providing a fundraising opportunity for the school or local charity. 


Get Glowing is full day of excitement and glow in the dark fun and games which can be set up in a school hall or classroom. 

Your Physical Activity Lead will coordinate the activity with another member of staff from Get Ahead Partnership.

Children will be put in to groups so they can experience a variety of different sporting activities in the dark, UV lights are used to give off the fantastic glow effect. 


Silent Discos are proving to be a popular event for our schools.  This is a full day activity and is a great way to have fun and get active incorporating music, alongside fun, active games. Your Physical Activity Lead will coordinate the sessions, with the help of another member of the Get Ahead team. 

Whilst the children enjoy their choice of music, they will be able to take part in a fun and engaging warm up, then move into a selection of games, tailored for differing age groups.  

This activity offers lots of interaction, engagement, and energy. Whilst building confidence, creativity and teamwork between children.