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Dance Competition

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Dance Competition

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In the absence of many school productions taking place this year, we thought having the dance competition during the run up to Christmas would be a nice way to celebrate the festivities. It may also be an idea that your school send the performances out to parents as a form of e-Christmas card/gift (subject to necessary permissions). Naturally the theme for this competition will be “Christmas”! This is open to interpretation and it may be that you represent this via costume or perhaps to Christmas music...this is entirely up to you.


The Competition will be split by age as follows: 


  • Y1/2

  • Y3/4

  • Y5/6

  • Special Schools – mixed age primary


We fully appreciate that you are not able to mix these ages at present and are not asking you to do so. It just means that for example if you are submitting an entry for Y2, you will be judged alongside the Y1’s etc. The difference in ages will be considered when judging takes place. Schools may enter more than once if you are working with different classes. The performance should ideally be “whole of class” or a good size group performance. In the interest of Fair Play, please do not just select your premium dancers from the year group but engage every child, boys and girls, to celebrate their ability within the performance.


The routines will be judged independently by a mixed panel from both the dance and educational field and scored on the following:


  • Technical

  • Entertainment  

  • Costumes

  • Choreography

  • Imagination


Medals and Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age category as well as some individual recognition awards for this 1⁄2 terms selected. 

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All entries must be submitted by Friday 11th December 2020.


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