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NEW FOR 2023/24

Exploring children’s coping and teamwork skills, building resilience and developing positive mindsets through targeted sessions.

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One of our popular active 'WOW' Days giving children the opportunity to take part in colourful fun run.


Giving every child the opportunity to represent their school, building confidence and self esteem.


A series of challenges for children to compete in and strive to achieve personal best performances.


Giving every child the opportunity to take part in an enrichment day in an exciting festival format.


One of our fantastic and popular 'WOW' day events with fun neon glow sports delivered in the dark.


Physical activity programme delivered in school developing catching skills and hand eye coordination.


Fun practical activities giving the opportunity to develop orienteering and map skills using outdoor spaces in school.


Improve wellbeing through physical activity with group and 1:1 sessions developing the skills, knowledge and tools for healthy lifestyles.


Increasing the children's' activity levels by joining in the red fun runs focussing on improvement, personal best and having fun!


Popular and exciting WOW Day dance activity delivered with music based fun and games through headphones.


Inspiring and motivating children to use skipping as part of their daily physical activity for healthy lifestyles.


A WOW day experience with light up activities to test and develop reaction speeds, teamwork and build confidence using Blazepod technology.

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NEW FOR 2023/24

Fun and engaging way to introduce STEAM into your school.

Sports Leaders

Leadership programme giving children the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver physical activity in school.

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