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Superhero Speedbounce

Introduction Video

Live Virtual Competition

 Thursday 1st October 2020 2.00pm 

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Speedbounce Challenge


The first virtual competition is Speed Bounce which is an exciting test of speed, rhythm and coordination.

Please ensure you follow all the rules as explained in the link above. Staff should record a child's first attempt in week 1 and their last in week 2, encouraging lots of practice in between and send us the results of their most improved bouncer in each year group.   All these scores will be compared across North Lincolnshire.  


Medals will be awarded to the children who have the greatest improvement in each age category.   We will also be rewarding all children who take part with their Honesty School Games Value Sticker. If a school achieves 75% participation in all year groups, they will receive a School Games Value Certificate.

All scores must be submitted by 6pm on Friday 2nd October 2020.

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